Nutritional MOT

Are you balancing a busy life with a stressful job?

Do you want to optimise your nutrition and improve wellbeing?

Is gut health important to you?

A personalised nutritional MOT could be just what you need to find out if what you eat is working for you and your health.

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Tailored advice

Regular food intake from a varied diet is a great start towards improving and maintaining your nutritional balance and wellbeing.

  • How much protein does your body need for health and repair?
  • What about fat? Is it important?
  • Is your current diet healthy? Is it nutritionally balanced?

Your wellbeing and health is more than just the food you eat. Your lifestyle, mental health, job, cooking skills, physical activity, and social life are all key factors.

Together we can discuss your food choices, meal patterns, your current gut function and wellbeing.

Then we can look at how to put together your SMART goals, and work towards improving your energy, mental health and wellbeing.

A holistic approach

Why work with a dietitian?

Dietitians are qualified and regulated health professionals who use the most up-to-date public health and scientific research on food, health and disease to help you make evidence based lifestyle and food choices.

Your health, your way

During our 1:1 consultation we can develop a plan tailored to you and your specific needs and preferences. You set realistic goals, and I provide the expert guidance and evidence to help you get there.

Success Stories

“I’m vegetarian and I don’t eat eggs. I didn’t know if  I was eating enough protein, but was sure I ate loads of fibre.

Going through the Nutritional MOT with Lorraine was really helpful and educational. Turned out my protein and calcium were low, and my fibre wasn’t quite as good as I thought.

My energy levels are a lot better now and my diet feels more balanced.”

– Frances W, London

“As a post-menopausal woman I no longer felt like myself. I knew that what I was eating wasn’t working for me, but felt overwhelmed by the advice I found online.

I contacted Lorraine for the initial chat and felt I would be in good hands. I never felt judged or pressured to do anything I did not want to. It was easy to talk about my concerns. Lorraine was very realistic about what changes were manageable for me. My lifestyle and dietary changes are an ongoing process, and after a few weeks I have seen some benefits already. I am very happy with the decision I made to work with Lorraine.”

– Anne F, Hong Kong

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